Fireplace Sales and Service

Pellet and wood heaters can help you save up to 50% on your heating bill, and with the price of energy consistently rising, you’ll be glad to have an efficient fireplace installed by trusted professionals.

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The Fireplace: An excellent addition to your home

Gas and wood fireplaces add a sense of beauty to the home. Their glow provides a comfortable and romantic space to a quiet evening.  At Ablaze Technologies we add this level of ambience to every home.


All things Fireplace Service and Installation:

-Fireplace Sales and Installation
-Wood Burner Sales and Installation
-Wood Burning Fireplace Inserts
-Fireplace Reline and Repair
-Pellets Stove Sales and Installation

Why switch to a fireplace heating solution?

A fireplace fuels energy efficiency. In the northern climate, bolstering your energy efficiency with a fireplace is a no brainer.  We offer a number of affordable alternatives available to help you save money. These include fireplace installation, pellet stove installation, and wood burner installation.

Pellet stoves can be added anywhere in your home to even out cold spots.  Pellet and wood heaters are known to save homeowners up to 50 percent on heating and utility costs. As the cost of energy continues to fluctuate, fireplace inserts provide complete home heating. At Ablaze Technologies we are factory-trained in the service and installation of these products. We’re also fully insured to help homeowners maintain these products year round.


Chimney Caps: A smart idea in the long run

Of course, the installation of these products necessitates a working chimney. Keeping this chimney clean is easier with a chimney cap. A chimney cap, or crown, is a type of rain cover that protects the structure from the elements. They also keep unwanted wildlife out. A proper chimney cap can stop dangerous gases and drafts from entering the home.

Ablaze Technologies helps customers choose the right cap and offers complete cap installation, replacement, and repair.

Whether you’re looking to cut down on heating costs, or just adding a fresh, warm centerpiece to one of your rooms, turn to Ablaze Technologies for all your fireplace installation, service, and cleaning needs. We look forward to working with you.