Chimney Sweep and Repair

A Chimney Sweep in One Fell Swoop

On average, every chimney needs a clean sweep every year or two. Ablaze Technologies is the leading expert in Chimney maintenance in the Fox Valley and Northeastern Wisconsin. We provide several services, including a 21 point chimney inspection. Our technicians will let you know what could be causing soot buildup, backdraft or noxious odors.

Regular cleaning is required to maintain the quality and safety of the chimney. We performs a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. We start on the roof, and work our way to the bottom. This ensures that no portion of the chimney is neglected. Our 21 point inspection provides you with a detailed report on the state of your chimney. This keeps you fully informed on any cleaning or recommended repairs. In addition, a regular chimney sweep will help prevent fires and ensure the lasting value of the home.

When you work with Ablaze, rest assured you’re getting a full-service treatment including all of the following cleaning services:

21 point chimney inspection
Post-inspection report
High powered vacuum cleaning
Complete cleaning from top to bottom
Dryer lint removal

Safeguard Your Chimney’s Integrity

There are two additional services that maintain chimney integrity and sound structure.  Chimney flashing is the seal between the roofing material and the chimney. It prevents rain water from running down the chimney where it can damage rafters, walls, joists and other elements of your structure. Leaking chimneys are often caused by faulty flashing and a quick repair is the replacement or repair of this flashing.

Waterproofing is another solution to preventing the deterioration of chimneys.  Hairline cracks can occur even in new construction because of mortar shrinking during the curing process. Defective mortar joints and deteriorating brick result in greater water damage. However, several new products are effective at waterproofing chimneys. These new sealants allow the masonry to release condensation while sealing out the elements.

We offer many other services in conjunction with a chimney sweep. While no service is typical, Ablaze works with every customer to maintain a working chimney and prevent structural loss. Concerned with the integrity of your chimney?  Turn to Ablaze Technologies for all your chimney cleaning needs!

Wisconsin Weather can be Harsh: Consider a Chimney Repair Inspection

Freeze and thaw cycles can cause severe damage to a chimney. That’s why it’s important to schedule regular chimney inspections. These appointments are essential to prolonging the structural integrity of your chimney. You may not realize it, but damage can occur from a number of sources. Moisture damage, dilapidation, and wear can all affect chimney performance. This in turn affects the air quality in the home, and more importantly your safety.

Ablaze Technologies offers a complete chimney care solution. Our technicians are experts in brick and masonry repair.  There are several ways Ablaze Technologies helps homeowners create a safe and clean environment:

Moisture resistance
Chimney crowns
Tuck point
Cultured stone

Don’t Delay check your Chimney Today

When chimneys are exposed to moisture, cracks and deterioration can occur. These cracks can break down the chimney’s brick and mortar. Scheduling regular inspections on your chimney prevents potential cave-ins which result in a total loss of your chimney as well as other potential damage. Ablaze Technologies offers expert chimney repair in Appleton and the Fox Valley. Midwest winters can be rough with their constant freeze-thaw cycles. These cycles can lead to accelerated deterioration.

Chimneys require inspection every year to make sure they maintain their structural integrity. With the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to forget to check your chimney regularly.  However, this lends itself to unsafe air quality levels, chimney fire, or water seepage when repairs are left unchecked. Some chimney problems need only a quick fix like tuck-pointing and the use of sealants. Other times it is more cost-effective to rebuild the chimney. Our technicians perform careful evaluations for each client and present repair options to their customers up front, explaining the chimney repair process. That is why more homeowners rely on Ablaze Technologies for their chimney needs, because we are qualified to assist in every situation.